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AWS Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform that provides computing power,
database storage, content delivery, and other features that help businesses scale and grow.

AWS cloud services

AWS Services Include

Our AWS facilitates effortless application management with low cost, effort, and capital expenditures. We have a team of trained AWS cloud experts with extensive technical skills to boost your business efficiency.

AWS Integration Services

Amazon Web Services lets you integrate the AWS cloud with on-premise software. It promotes growth & reduces costs by implementing a hybrid cloud model & integrating data sources hosted on AWS with apps.

AWS Cloud Consulting

Our AWS Cloud Consulting Services offer a complete view of your business. We assess and understand your current business structure & outline a comprehensive plan for AWS transformation.

AWS Managed Services

Our AWS-managed services help you secure, migrate, architect, operate and optimize your AWS cloud. We give you the tools to accelerate deployments, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions.

AWS Implementation

Our AWS implementation services help realize critical business objectives. We specialize in designing, implementing, and migrating applications to the Amazon Web Services platform.

AWS Cloud Migration

Our migration is done under the supervision of our AWS cloud experts to minimize disruption, risk, and downtime while moving your existing business applications and storage functions to AWS cloud environment.

AWS Data Warehouse

We offer a variety of services including data processing and storage. It is used to extract actionable insights from data. Our services include building and implementing enterprise data warehouses on Amazon Redshift.

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AWS Cloud Services

Key Benefits

Transform the way you manage and process big data with IHYIP Templates.
As an AWS Qualified Partner, we know what's best for your organization.

Sound hosting of applications
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Minimized costs
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Scalable and extensible
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Adaptable according to your services
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Safe and reliable infrastructure
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Security and protection
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Seamless migration of data
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Vast variety of tools
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