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31 December 2022

Greetings From IHYIP Templates !!! Wishing that you have a truly remarkable and blissful year ahead ! Happy new year to you and your family !

15 December 2022

Let's celebrate this Christmas with our stunning designs as gifts, IHYIP announced BUY one GET one free as Christmas offer. Reach our Support team for details and treat yourselves with free designs.

3 October 2022

We are so glad to inform that awe-inspiring HYIP Template designs where launched. Design a Eye catching Website with our Brand New Template Design and make more Business Opportunities.

1 September 2022

Create Stunning HYIP Websites with the IHYIP Templates . The New Templates Has It All!
Today we are excited to release the favourite New Technology Themes.
Check out Templates we created to give you some inspiration!

17 August 2022

We are excited to inform you that we have added five new unique templates on our gallery. We believe that these new unique templates will bring you more business opportunities. Kindly, make it yours before anybody's else.

15 July 2022

Launch your brand new Cryptocurrency Hyip website that meets the latest trends in the world of crypto investment website! By using our templates. We designed with Unique concept, clean & modern Look.

5 July 2022

We glad to inform you that we accept USDT Tether Payments. So Enjoy purchasing our NFT Unique Templates using USDT Tron or ETH Network.

18 June 2022

Our Prominent Five New Unique templates has been launched on our gallery. Start your new business with our recently added unique templates. Grow your business even with your Mobile with our high quality mobile responsive templates

6 May 2022

Five new spectacular templates have been added to our gallery. All the NFT and Blockchain themed templates are breathtaking and fastly moving. Grab yours soon to lift up your business!

11 April 2022

Our Prominent four New Unique templates has been launched on our gallery.
Start your new business with our recently added unique templates. Grow your business even with our high quality mobile responsive templates.

28 January 2022

We are excited to inform you that we have added four new unique templates on our gallery.Grab the template as soon as possible before your favorite template sold out.

13 November 2021

Launch your brand new Smart Contract Crypto Business websites. We have created this HTML template for the type of websites that deal with Finances , Exchange ,Yield Farming , Stacking etc.. We designed according to latest cryptocurrency world requirements. Check out here .It is designed with Unique concept, clean & modern Look. You can customize it very easy to fit your business needs!

19 October 2021

Our Festive Year End Offer is Live NOW!
"Buy one Get one offer" for our IHYIP templates!
Add on to this we are overjoyed to inform that we have launched The Newest professional HYIP templates. The word "Professional" we really mean it.
This is the Golden time to enjoy our huge offer!!

21 September 2021

A curated collection of 5 Unique HYIP templates are launched. Each templates develop in latest Bootstrap Framework 5.1 which is sleek, intuitive, and powerful. Our Unique HYIP templates are a perfect teaser for your HYIP business. Start your HYIP Business with our new release templates.

5 June 2021

We are glad to inform you that we are expanding our payment gateways by including "Dogecoin" in our payment method. So don't hesitate, grab our templates with our new payment mode.

1 May 2021

Modernize your site with our templates. We do have unique HYIP templates which will look more phenomenal and elegant.

25 April 2021

Hurray! We have recently launched 4 unique templates in our gallery. Hurry up to take your business to the next level by making your site even more prominent. Grab more investors by purchasing our unique templates and differ from your competitors.

11 March 2021

You are happy to ameliorate your site to the next level, right? Check out our new HYIP Templates in our gallery which will lift up your site and stand out from the crowd.

21 January 2021

Thanks to all our visitors in the past year. Hope this New-year brings new achievements with great success to you and us. Go through our newly posted HYIP templates with a prodigious design and build up your site with our templates to bring more investors.

19 December 2020

Examine our amazing new HYIP themes. You won't leave our site without purchasing our templates.

3 October 2020

We are happy to inform you on our new release of HYIP templates which will look more professional and remarkable. Update your site with our stupendous templates.

16 September 2020

We have introduced new HYIP themes which grabs more attention with astonishing design. Elevate your business with our updated templates to the next stage.

17 June 2020

Check out our tremendous and breath-taking new HYIP templates in our gallery. We have updated with the current trends and more new features in our templates.

14 May 2020

We have launched the four new templates for HYIP Script.Templates id's are T121, T122, T123, T124.Check the below links.
Template Id : T121
Template Id : T122
Template Id : T123
Template Id : T124

3 February 2020

We have launched the best-curated collection of high-quality Hyip Templates for all your business needs. Our designs are highly Professional modern and contemporary. Make use of the Template design and make your site still more classy

20 January 2020

We have introduced a prodigious and exclusive Hyip Template design for sale which is not used before and will not be used in future. Design your site stand alone by using this unrepeated design

3 September 2019

We have introduced Genuine Hyip Templates for investment , We are sure that these Template design will take your business to the Next level and it shows the way for success. Please have a look with our Newly updated design

29 August 2019

Our newly fashionable HYIP Monitors templates are amazing ,simple and handy to use. Build your own Monitor site with our standard designs.

2 July 2019

We have Propelled few more Glorious Hyip Designs which makes the Initial Look and feel of your site Exceptionally good and Pleasant Are you interested in moving your Business to the Next Level??? If yes, Please have a Look with our New Hyip Template designs

7 June 2019

We have introduced a few more Hyip Templates which look very magnificent and drags investors in numbers.

16 May 2019

New different HYIP themes get launched. Our Cryptocurrency HYIP professional designs will really attract your clients attention towards your business deal.

27 April 2019

We have Launched Professional and Futuristic ICO Templates which make your ICO cryptocurrency site still more Prominent and outstanding

5 March 2019

We have updated our site with Modernistic HYIP template which suits with Today Business trend Rush up to make your site still more Classy

20 February 2019

We have introduced new fantabulous and professional HYIP Templates. Hurry up to move your Business to the next level by making your site still more remarkable.

4 January 2019

We have launched the professional designed HYIP, bitcoin mining and monitor templates according to latest trends. Hurry up to get the new fashionable templates.

3 October 2018

We are delighted to inform that we have just launched the professional cryptocurrency HYIP Template designs. Start your site today with our wonderful designs. Contact us today

2 July 2018

We have created highly polished ICO designs to make your site stand out of crowd. Build your own cool and top notch ICO cryptocurrency site today

16 May 2018

We have launched instinctive, responsive and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading exchange template designs. Take your site to the new level with our long-lasting designs.

19 March 2018

We have organized the new fabulous ICO lister designs. It have almost everything to start your own ICO business. Inaugurate your ICO business today with our long -lasting designs

29 November 2017

We have updated the sophisticated ICO website templates with outstanding designs. Our responsive ICO templates are handy to use and customizable. You can find different type of designs here to start your ICO site.

27 September 2017

We have released 10 latest HYIP template designs in order to build and manage your own HYIP investment. Inaugurate your business today with our professional designs

16 March 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of most Stunning new design templates to beautify your customers' websites! Our Template is responsive towards mobile devices, and it can work with any web browser or operating system. If your goal is to create a successful HYIP website, our Template can be your greatest ally. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

18 July 2016

Now IHYIP accepts Bitcoin payments for purchase templates. You can choose to pay directly from your bitcoin wallet by using the generated payment address or by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.

28 June 2016

We've added nearly 5 brand new and high quality templates to our template gallery. No matter what kind of Investment template you're looking for, we're pretty sure you'll be able to find it in our template gallery.

17 November 2015

Newly we have updated top most HYIP script templates list in our templates page. By this link, You can fetch ARM HYIP, PAM HYIP and gold coders HYIP script templates. Surely We will inform you, if we made any changes on our site.

6 November 2015

We are very gladly to inform you for launching IHYIP templates. We are used professional coders and brand-new style to make this website. In fact, it is right time to you enjoy great offer that we are giving.